Honey for the holiday soul + My top 5 farmhouse show & bazaar recommendations in the PNW

The older I get the more I think the end of the year is becoming my favorite! Don’t tell summer 😉 There are plenty of reasons to love it, but I think the best part is a universal shift in focus. Fun and joy become a priority. Our schedules fill up with gatherings and we make plans to make memories with the people we love most. Becoming a mom has taught me the value of this. Because these moments don’t last!

Isn’t it amazing that we have the power to create moments and environments for our loved ones to experience love and joy and create memories that will shape them as a person?!

This morning while I read my devotions I heard my husband walk around the house with our son, Finnley, celebrating the blessings in our home. I heard, “Finn, don’t you just love having your own, cool room?!… Wow! You’re mom does such a good job buying cozy clothes for you to wear!…” I was SO. CHALLENGED! How often do you consider the influence your attitude and the words you choose have over the people around you? Not only can they literally shape the world view of your children, they influence every person you come in contact with. Even yourself! Proverbs 16:24 says, “Kind words are like honey – sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.” Your words, your actions, your demeanor have the power to touch the soul and body of the next person you make eye contact with. Let that sink in! 

So I’m determined not to get wrapped up in my calendar and overwhelmed by the commitments of the next few months! I’m making space for the things that have made my holiday memories magical and for new traditions that I hope will do the same for my children. To not let words of celebration and thankfulness go unsaid or moments that could be spent soaking in this season pass me by!

One of the things I’m penciling into my calendar: visiting some of my favorite holiday bazaars, craft fairs, and farmhouse shows! Ever been? The Northwest has a few great ones and I’ve made the best memories with my family and friends visiting them over the years. In fact, most of the decorations from our wedding, that fill our home, and get set out at every holiday came from these events! I love finding treasures that feel more sentimental and different from what everyone else has! Plus, these events make for great girls’ days! 🙂 If you share this love, like me, or you’re looking for a new way to mix up your holiday shopping and traditions,

Here are my top 5 holiday shopping event recommendations in the Pacific Northwest:

Aunt Bee’s Farmhouse Show – Turner, Oregon


This was my first love where these types of events are concerned and it may still be my favorite. It’s held at the Oregon Christian Convention Center. They extend their show over an entire weekend AND they host another for the spring/summer! There’s always coffee and treats for sale and if you visit this one, there’s a high likelihood we’ll run into each other! 😉

Thursday, Oct 24: 4pm-8pm (Cost = $10)

Friday, Oct 25: 10am-6pm (Cost = $5)

Saturday, Oct 26: 10am-4pm (Cost = $5)

The Great Junk Hunt – Salem, Oregon


It’s been a while since I’ve been to this event, but it’s always huge and that’s a win! It’s held at the Oregon State fair grounds and is actually a traveling show that hits different areas in the Northwest. (Like the one below!)

Friday, Oct 25: 6pm (Cost = $15 to get in a half-hour early)

Saturday, Oct 26: 10am-4pm (Cost = $12 to get in 1 hour early)

(General admission cost = $7)

The Great Junk Hunt – Puyallup, Washington

Last year’s girls weekend!

I went to the Puyallup Great Junk Hunt, held at the Washington State fair grounds, for the first time last year and I can tell you right now, it is AMAZING! Huge and with tons of variety! Even though it’s the same event as the one in Salem, vendors are local so the selection is completely different! I highly recommend this one for your Christmas decor shopping as well as for cute and unique things you can fill your home with all year round!

Friday, Nov 15: 6pm (Cost = $20 to get in a half-hour early)

Saturday, Nov 16: 10am-4pm (Cost = $15 to get in 1 hour early)

(General admission cost = $8)

America’s Largest Christmas Bazaar


The name pretty much speaks for itself on this one! This event is not one, but TWO weekends long and it’s held at the Portland Expo Center. It’s definitely more traditional Christmas decor than farmhouse decor, but SO FUN! They also have a Santa’s Village you can walk through and stop for photos if you’re there with family! And bonus: The huge location means lots of concession stands and food selections onsite!

Friday, Nov 29: 10am-6pm

Saturday, Nov 30: 10am-6pm

Sunday, Dec 1: 10am-5pm

Friday, Dec 6: 10am-6pm

Saturday, Dec 7: 10am-6pm

Sunday, Dec 8: 10am-5pm

(General admission cost = $8)

Rebel Junk Vintage Market


I haven’t personally been to this event, but based on my research, it’s top of my list for shows I’d like to visit next! They take their event all over the NW stopping at the Columbia County Fairgrounds in St. Helens, OR and the Grant County Fairgrounds in Moses Lake, WA.

St. Helens, OR

Friday, Nov 15: 6pm-9pm (Cost = $10) *Get in a half hour early for the same price by buying tickets online!

Saturday, Nov 16: 10am-4pm (Cost = $5)

Mosts Lake, OR

Friday, Nov 22: 6pm-9pm (Cost = $10) Get in a half hour early for the same price by buying tickets online!

Saturday, Nov 23:10am-4pm (Cost = $5)


Even if these events aren’t your thing, I hope the recommendations get you thinking about the things that bring you joy this time of year and the moments you want to prioritize for the sake of making memories! Do you have a favorite show that I missed? Comment it below! I may need to add it to my list! 🙂


3 responses to “Honey for the holiday soul + My top 5 farmhouse show & bazaar recommendations in the PNW”

  1. Wish I lived in the PNW! Those shows look amazing!

    1. Aw I wish you did too! We’ve got some great ones here!!

      1. Looks like it! I will need to check in my area to see if we have any close by!

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