Decorating with Pegboard

Peg boards are no longer just for the garage!! This cheap material, with a little sprucing up, can be a fun and functional addition to any nursery, kids room, man cave, game room, or project room (just to give you a few ideas!) It’s an inexpensive way to fill a large space and I mean it when I say, its’ SO easy to do. The only thing you need is access to a drill and less than $30 in your pocket 🙂

We originally made our peg board wall as part of a display back when we had a home decor booth at a local store. When we had to pull back from that hobby/side biz, I kept the wall incase we ended up having a boy (which we did!) It’s now my favorite part of Finn’s room. It doubles as storage and decor! It was cheap, super easy, and adds a lot to the space. The best part is that you can constantly change it up AND it only cost us about $25.00!

*I say “about” because its been a while now and I can’t, for my life, remember the exact framing pieces we used. I’m pretty positive we used fence boards, but it doesn’t really matter what you use. Its all about the look you’re going for. We roamed around Lowes and I picked based on the color (super technical 😉 – so feel free to do the same. You can purchase most fence boards for less than $3 a piece and cut down to your desired size. Our wall required at least 3 boards, if I remember right, which cost less than $9! Such a steal!


All our supplies were purchased at Lowes. Best DIY tip you need to know: Lowes will cut materials for you for FREE!! This is huge. You can do this project even if you don’t have a fancy saw. The only tool we used ourselves was a drill! We actually took our tape measure to the store with us, measured out the peg board and fence pieces to the length we wanted (spread out on the floor in the aisle at Lowes and all!), and they cut them to fit for us!

Most home improvement stores carry multiple sizes of peg board. We selected the 8 ft. X 4 ft. board for $18.88 and cut it down a bit smaller. We measured the peg board to the exact size we wanted and then laid the fence boards flat on top to determine the cuts we needed to make. (In comes Lowes to make the actual cuts!) Once everything was the right size and we were back home, all we needed to do was assemble! We screwed the fence boards onto the peg board through the holes in the back of the peg board; placing a screw every 5 or 6 inches all the way around the board to ensure it was really sturdy.


Annnd TaDa! Done! It is such a simple project. Eventually we are going to be securing it to the wall, but for now it’s just leaning. Our peg board stands a little taller than 7 feet in Finn’s room and, leaning, its sturdy enough to have clothing and decorative items hanging on it.


There are two types of pegs that we like to use to hang things on the board and both can be purchased at Lowes for a few bucks. The wood pegs come in a pack of 18 for $2.48 and we hang most of our stuff on them. For heavier items, we use these steel hooks that come in a pack of 4 for $2.28.

My plan is to use our peg board for more toy/book storage when Finn gets a little older and we bolt it to the wall. Lowes carries this basket option and I like this bundle of two  and this bundle of three from Home Depot. For now, the fabric basket on our board is from Ikea and is only $4.99!


This board has been so versatile for us and I’m looking forward to using it even when Finn transitions to a “big kid room.” I’m mixing it up all the time and it can easily be changed to match decor if I want to use it in a room with different colors/themes which is important for me. The value for price of this project is awesome – We’ve already got a ton of mileage out of it. Totally recommend it!!

Any questions I didn’t answer? Feel free to leave a comment below or message me! Make your own? Send it my way! I’d love to see what you come up with 🙂

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