Yearly intentions tool

Am I the only one who’s felt a little overwhelmed by the hype of a new decade and all it’s “new you” possibilities?! We shouldn’t already feel burnt out by 2020 on day 3, right?! Asking for a friend.. 😉 Well, in the words of my last January self, “Goals are good. Goals aren’t God.” So this goal loving girl is taking a step back from ALL the good, exciting, God-honoring, worthy goals I hope come to fruition in 2020 and determining what renders the next 363 days a success: That whatever I do, I “do it all to the glory of God.” (1 Corinthians 10:31) He’s already done the ultimate work! And I think if our New Years motivations are consumed by accomplishing, we’re kind of missing the whole point of the freedom we’ve been gifted and called to walk in this year! Are you with me?

Instead of resolutions, I declare intentions.

Last year I was learning this lesson the hard way when I changed my approach towards the fresh start of a new year. (Read more about that here!) Instead of resolutions, I declare intentions. It’s not a pass or fail… I was one way and now I’m vowing to be another. It’s an acknowledgement of what’s important to me/us and deciding to make intentional choices in the time to come that support those values. My husband and I dream about ours together and write them out to post on the fridge. There’s no checking off wins or losses, just a visible reminder and a resource for us to look back on when we need some guidance with decisions.

These templates have been so helpful to us over the past year and I hope they will be to you too! Just click below to download the printable PDF that’s your favorite!

& CLICK HERE for more encouragement on this topic and thoughts on the shift from resolutions to intentionality! ❤

intentions snapshot - pink.png

Download HERE!

intentions snapshot - red.png

Download HERE!

intentions snapshot - gold.png

Download HERE!

intentions snapshot - coral.png

Download HERE!

intentions snapshot - peach.png

Download HERE!

Will you do me one last favor and share this to your social media or pin your favorite template if it’s helpful to you? Every time you share, it helps me grow and encourage a greater number of women more than I ever could on my own! So thank you thank you! 

And happy new year friends! 🙂

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