A new dad’s top 7 tips for new dads

Let me introduce you to my husband (& Finnley’s dad), Jordan! If you follow along with me on instagram or have been reading here for a while, you’ve probably heard of him a time or two 😉 I’m not just being nice when I call him my better half! He’s a gem – the kind of man I hope every girl finds in a love. It’s really true what they say too, watching the man you love become a dad is a whole new kind of love! It’s also a whole new kind of work! The transition from husband to husband and dad is HUGE. There is so much attention and resources geared towards women in this new parenthood season (as there should be!) but sometimes I think we forget what a big change this is for dads too! Jordan doesn’t just talk the talk as a new dad, he walks the walk! He works hard to be his very best for us and he loves his family like Jesus does. That’s something to strive for! We believe it’s THE thing to strive for! I know I’m biased, but as far as this whole new parenting thing goes, he’s a roll model if there ever was one and I’m pretty thankful to be tackling it by his side! So share his tips with the dad of your babies (or future babes!) and tell them they’re doing a GREAT job! We’re all learning as we go and we’re better together!!!

Hey new dads,

Quick fact about me: I am the type of person who reads up, asks more experienced and wiser individuals, maybe watches a youtube video or two, and tries to blend all the good info out there into my own strategy for everything I do from lawn care to parenting. I love my family to the moon and back and I want to show them that through my actions to the very best of my abilities. I know you do too! So here are 7 tips for new dads that I have found to be helpful in my 1+ year of experience and all the learning that has come with it:

#1 – Don’t put your relationship with God on the back burner – It has to come first!

God gave me the gift of a beautiful baby boy. This gift needs a lot of love and energy. When I am in need of encouragement or feeling tired, I lean on God to give me strength. God’s love and encouragement is always there for me and I’m always grateful when I immerse myself in His love through prayer, reading the Bible, and working through devotionals. Even though life is fuller, my time spent with God has to keep coming first. How can I lead my family closer to Him if it doesn’t? When I am in relationship with Him I perform my best and have the most energy and love to pour into my family.

#2 – Momma comes next!

Your new baby is incredibly precious, amazing, and so kissable. Therefore it’s easy to tend to your little bundle of joy because of the crying, giggling or something in between and unintentionally shift your focus to baby all the time. Mom is giving everything she’s got to baby (and so will everyone else for a while). You get to take care of her so that she can keep taking great care of baby. She’s given you a little one to love, but you loved her first. Don’t let her forget it! Momma’s your priority!   

#3 – Prioritize Momma and Baby’s rest 

We did not just give birth and surrender our bodies to a mini-me. Therefore, do everything in your power to make sure (for at least the first couple weeks) that momma is able to get the rest she needs. This might be hard for her to prioritize for herself, so help her out. You get your rest after momma and babe are taken care of. More sleep will come!

#4 – Enjoy the exhaustion

It’s a blessing and a privilege to have a baby and be exhausted! Have grace with one another and acknowledge the fact that we are not always at our most loving when we are exhausted. So say “I love you” a ton and forget any negative exchanges, it’s not personal, it’s exhaustion.

#5 – Show that baby off 

The moments when my family and friends came over to hold, love on, and meet Finn are so sacred to me. The more people who can love on your baby and love on you the better! It can feel like work scheduling and creating space for loved ones to come over when you’re feeling so tired. However, it will bless you, your loved ones, and your baby. It’s worth it!

#6 – Stay adventurous

They don’t have to put a stop to your active lifestyle. Go on adventures, trips, vacations, live life to the fullest! Babies are durable little miracles that want and need to be snuggled and fed – which you can do anywhere! So go on hikes, attend the event, and take a plane ride (yes they’ll cry a bit, you’ll be ok). 

#7 – Carve out time for you

Your life is now about taking care of momma and babe. Their needs come first. So it becomes extremely important that you maintain some self care habits that you practiced before baby came or start some healthy habits like: exercise, reading and praying, hobbies, participating in a group event… Although the number of things you do or the length of time may change (your workout used to be 2 hours and now it might need to be 1, for example) the fact that you take care of yourself is vital.

Bonus advice:

You are the DAD, God has called you to love and lead your family like Jesus. You got this, show up and love your family like crazy! 


Got any questions for Jordan? Send them our way! We’re amateurs 😉 but we’re doing our best to figure this parenting thing out with you! So add your best tip for new dads below and send these ones to a dad you know!!! This advice might not apply to you right now, but thats what your Pinterest board is for 😉 We SO appreciate you reading & sharing!

Bless you and your sweet families!!!

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