While Mom’s Away

Here I am, getting ready to leave my 6 month old baby for the longest I’ve EVER been away from him tomorrow. I’m heading out to a girls weekend and the Carter boys are riding solo! I’m sad and excited and nervous and anxious, but mostly ready! The 3 reasons I’m ready instead of a total mess: His dad’s got him, God’s got both of them, and I’ve left a VERY thorough list of notes and instructions 😉

Preparedness does wonders for anxiety and as I was writing out my “While Mom’s Away” list for my own little fam it occurred to me that this simple tool might eliminate a tiny bit of anxiety for another mom finally getting some “me time,” heading off for work, or maybe even just running some baby-free errands.

So download and print a few copies, pin it for later, or send the template to a mom friend. May it make your life a tiny bit easier and make a potentially stressful experience a little lighter!

While moms away copy

Download it here!

While moms away 2 copy.jpg

Download it here!

“As a mother, my job is to take care of the possible and trust God with the impossible.”

-Ruth Bell Graham

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