No Phone November Challenge!

Ok friends. Don’t be scared away by the title! Because I’m not actually asking you to give up your phone or to fast from social media altogether! I’m inviting you to identify one area of your life that could use a little more boundaries and a little less phone and to commit to a change for one. whole. month. It’s November: The month of giving thanks! And there is SO much to give thanks for! So why do I have to work so hard to remind myself of this or to stop comparing my blessings to what someone else appears to be blessed with according to their instagram? Can you relate? If your answer is yes,

this is for you!

…there is SO much to give thanks for! So why do I have to work so hard to remind myself of this or to stop comparing my blessings to what someone else appears to be blessed with according to their instagram?

A few weeks ago I noticed that instead of waking up with joy and anticipation, I was waking up with dread and anxiety. I brushed it off as getting used to this new season as a stay at home mom and maybe even a hormonal imbalance! And then I read a question in Lysa TerKeurst’s Uninvited study that hit me HARD: “What are you giving the first moments of your day?” This was so convicting for me because my answer was, my phone! My alarm would go off, I’d pick up my phone, and scroll. It’s embarrassing to say, but my first thoughts were, what happened on my social media last night? Do I have any messages?… No wonder I wasn’t filled with with enthusiasm for what God might have in store for me. I was too worried about what the internet might have for me (or might not.) 

I decided to run a little experiment to see if there was any correlation. I made a deal with myself that I would not be on my phone until I spent time in God’s word. The first voice of influence in my life every was no longer going to be the (perceived) opinions of the world; it was going to be the true opinion of my creator. Are you surprised that I found a correlation? 😉 I started waking up with a peace and confidence that didn’t need likes for validation. I started feeling more interested in the potential of the day ahead with my little family and less interested in the fun everyone else was probably having. At first it was harder than I’d like to admit. I had to make the conscious choice not to pick up that phone and I had to decide every morning if it really mattered. Because no one would know if I slipped back into this bad habit. But I kept choosing it when I didn’t feel it and you know what happened? I eventually felt it. I felt the difference in where my first thoughts of the day went and I didn’t feel the need to be plugged in the second I woke up. This morning I was awake for hours before I even looked at my phone. Because I didn’t want to! Thats progress!

So I’ve decided that this is the perfect time to continue this commitment. It’s the perfect month to exercise a little discipline in the name of a grateful heart and a spirit of gratitude. It’s not about the phone or social media. Those things are great – I love them actually and want to enjoy them for the community and inspiration they offer, but not at the expense of missing out on the abundant life God has for me because I’m distracted by the life others are leading. I’m not okay with missing the blessings in my home because I’m worried about the words on my screen. You know?! The bible says, “whatever overcomes a person, to that he is enslaved.” (2 Peter 2:19) So no more!

If this resonates with you,

Take this challenge with me!

  1. Identify an area that you might be allowing your phone to steal away God’s best from you! Maybe you’re missing out on a good night’s sleep because you’re staying up too late on this app! Maybe you haven’t had a conversation of depth and eye contact with your significant other in too long because you use your phones during meal time. Maybe instead of enjoyment you’ve been feeling annoyance towards your kids because you’re trying to catch up on emails when they want your attention. Or maybe you need one whole day each week to unplug in order to fully rest… Do some soul searching, call it out, anddd
  2. Commit to making a change for the whole month of November!

It’s time to put our phones in their place! If you’re in for this challenge, I’d love to send some weekly encouragement your way! Just click here and tell me the “no phone commitment” you’re making this month. Hope you’ll join me! 🙂


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