How To Decorate For Fall On A Budget

I LOVE decorating for seasons but don’t love spending a ton of money on things that will only be up for such a short time. Also, if you’re like me, your tastes change from year to year and you might not want to use all the same things you used last year. So amassing a ton of decor that will only end up taking up storage space is not worth it to me. Still, I want my space to be cozy and festive this fall, so heres the 3 ways I’m doing seasonal decor without breaking the bank:

1) Use transitional pieces! I have several items around the house that I can modify just a bit to take them from summer to winter. Instead of having to pack them up when the season change I just change them to be on theme! It makes like easy and you can style them based on what you’re liking right now. Here’s a couple examples of some of my transitional pieces:

Chalkboard – I bought this one from Target for $14.99 and change it constantly! The other side is a cork board which creates even more possibilities! I look up a verse or quote on Pinterest to change this chalk board up at least every season.. usually more.


Letter board – These are so popular right now, but they can be pretty spendy. This one at Walmart is only $9.97! I wanted mine to look a little more unique so we actually broke off the frame and used some scraps of wood to create our own. There are plenty of ways you could personalize this inexpensive letter board if you’ve been wanting to grab one! I change the wording just as frequently as I do my chalk board and I love how it adds some diversity to my signs.

Scrabble letters – If you haven’t already, read my hack on this craft fair trend, you can check that out here! I have these in multiple places in my home and they’re so fun and simple (and SUPER cheap!)

2) Think of things you can use that don’t cost money! Is there anything outside that you can bring inside? Pinecones are one of my favorites. Throw a few pinecones inside a lantern or cute basket and they can be a decoration that lasts through fall and into winter! Use real pumpkins. These usually aren’t free, but close to it at most grocery stores/patches. Can you get creative with pieces of greenery or twigs from your backyard? I do this a ton! Or think of ways that you can use things laying around your house in interesting ways that put a seasonal twist on them. I do this with mason jars. I have a million of them in the garage and I’m always thinking about how I can incorporate them into my decor. Try to come up with fresh ways to use what you already own.

3. Bargain shop!! There are so many places that carry seasonal decor for a steal. The Target dollar spot is a fan favorite, but maybe you don’t want your fall decor to look exactly like every other woman in Americas 😉 I like to pick a favorite item or two and then mix it with other pieces. I might let myself spend a little more on one or two unique things from an antique or home decor fair to mix with generic items and make it my own. Michaels is another place always has surprisingly good deals for seasonal decor. I forget to check there, but whenever I do I find something I love – usually on sale! Right now all fall decor is 40% off! Then there’s Hobby Lobby. Do I even need to say that? 🙂 Just be sure to check for the daily sales and go on a day when what you’re looking for will be 40% off (their sales rotate.) I just picked these cottons pods up and I’m so excited to incorporate them into my fall decor. Goodwill is always fun for a little treasure hunt (you just never know!) And finally the three that are always work a quick walk through for me: Marshalls, TJmaxx, and Ross Dress for Less. They’re stocked with new inventory constantly and it’s always worth a look for a less common and inexpensive find!

I love to tie it all together with seasonal scents! Put some cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg drops in your diffuser, get some new wax for your scentsy, grab a fall refill for your wall flower, or just buy a cheap candle at the grocery store! Even with really simple decorations, a warm smell in the air always invites cozy.


I hope these tips help you start to think outside of the box about creating the festive feeling you want in your home, even if you don’t have a big budget to make it happen! Happy Fall!!

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