My Top 24 Podcast Picks

Podcasts are my new obsession! I started getting really into them when I was commuting for work and these days I try not to have the TV on much while I’m home with Finnley so I’m all about listening to podcasts. Sometimes when I just feel like the voices of the world are getting to me, I turn it all off and intentionally pick a podcast that I know will uplift me, challenge me, and refocus me. The best thing about listening is that you can learn, be encouraged (or even just entertained) while doing other things. Because time is limited and I know we’re busy. There aren’t enough hours in the day to listen to all the podcasts I want to! But, there is some seriously good stuff out there that has the potential to add a ton of value to your days and If you’re not listening – you’re missing out! So, I’ve basically spent the waking hours of the last week listening to a million episodes of all the podcasts I love, to share with you my top 4 favorites by category. Here goes!

All Things Women:

For the Love with Jen Hatmaker

for the love.png

Don’t be intimidated by my long paragraph here… I promise I won’t write a book on every recommendation! 😉 I just need to gush for a second – It’s so fitting that this is the first on my list because it was my original favorite. When I was commuting an hour+ to work each day I started getting so discouraged by the time spent wasted in traffic. I discovered Jen’s podcast and it was a game changer. Some days I arrived to work laughing and some days I arrived crying (in a good way.) Her episode with Dr. Brene Brown is still one of the most impactful episodes I have ever heard! This is an interview style podcast full of conversations with women who are leaders in every field. She gracefully connects with women from all view points and walks of life on a million topics and manages to speak with love and understanding in a way that makes me think critically. I really think Jen has me to thank for a small percentage of her listeners because I tell everyone about it. Tip: If you’re really wanting to get your foot in the door to talk to someone about Jesus.. maybe a coworker or new friend, find a way to suggest this podcast. I’ve found it to be widely relatable, but still a great tool for sparking conversation about the biblical worldview Jen shares from.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

the happy hour.png

Jamie’s podcast is also interview style with some amazing women. I always appreciate the depth of her conversations with guests. A few of her episodes were what gave me the push to make some necessary changes when I was in a pretty lonely season. She knows how to make her guests (and listeners) feel like friends.

Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis


You’ve provably heard of Rachel’s book “Girl Wash Your Face.” Its extremely popular (To be honest, I haven’t read the whole thing yet.. but everyone I know is!) She shares chapters from her book in her podcast, interviews some amazing people every once in a while, and just chats about real life topics. I really appreciate how real and relatable Rachel is. I leave her podcasts feeling challenged and empowered all at once. This is a new favorite and I can’t get enough!

That Sounds Fun Podcast with Annie F. Downs

That sounds fun

Annie is so FUN loving. She definitely chose the right title for her show. In her podcast she chats about all sorts of things that she loves. She has the best guests and just exudes joy no matter the topic. Listening to her is always a good reminder to me that I don’t have to take myself too seriously and life can be (maybe even should be) so fun.


Marriage & Relationships:

Rise Together by Dave & Rachel Hollis

rise together.png

Speaking of Rachel Hollis! She and her husband do this podcast together and it is refreshing. My own husband actually introduced me to their show and I’m hooked. They don’t pretend to be anything other than themselves and welcome others in to relate. They approach the real dynamics and feelings of marriage in a super candid way and I mean it when I say – they are so refreshing (and funny!)

Focus on the Family Marriage Podcast

focus on the family

I LOVE this podcast. Focus on the Family is such a resource for living godly lives and in this podcast contributors share wisdom on growing a godly marriage no matter how old you are or what stage of life you’re in. Every episode is short, practical, and so applicable.

Love That Lasts with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke

love that lasts.jpg

Both Jeff and Alyssa have such a gift for speaking the word of God with conviction and they come together in this show to share how they prioritize the Lord and their marriage. Its evident that they’re number one concern is pleasing God with their family, the rest comes after. The way they stand firm in their priorities and family practices is something that always inspires me and my vision for my own family.

The #staymarried Podcast with Tony and Michelle

stay married

This podcast is newer to me, but I really like the way Tony and Michelle strive to understand themselves and each other in the name of a healthier marriage. They’re committed to going the distance and because of this, they work through the everyday challenges of marriage and invite others to listen while they do it. I like that they’re just a super normal couple that cares to put in the extra work. I always come away with new insights about my own marriage after listening to them.


Spiritual Growth:

Hillsong Sisterhood with Bobbie Houston


This is another one of my original favorites. In those days that I was commuting to work, a lot of my car rides were filled with anxiety and feelings of inadequacy. Aside from the internal stuff I was dealing with, I was experiencing a season of challenge from God to be more bold in how I witness for him every day. Listening to the Sisterhood podcast was like getting an empowering pep-talk every morning to walk boldly into my workplace and shine. Bobbie is not afraid to hit you with the truth of Gods word and tell it like it is. She’s like a mentor I’ve never met!

Joyce Meyer Radio Podcast

Joyce meyer.jpg

I don’t even think Joyce Meyer needs an introduction. I’ve read so many devotions, books, and bible study materials from her over the years and you probably have too. She knows who God’s called her to be and I love how she shares His word. I always feel more courageous to embrace who God’s called me to be when I listen to her.

Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast

proverbs 31.png

Proverbs 31 Ministries is a women’s ministry that has been around for a while, but they recently came out with this podcast and it is SO GOOD. I’ve even had my husband listen to a few episodes with me because they are just so impactful and wide reaching. They also have an app called “First 5” that is a recent favorite of mine! I made a new deal with myself to read God’s word before I ever check social media in the mornings and it’s usually with this app! You can download it here!

Are You For Real with Jon B. Fuller

are you for real

Another interview style podcast! Jon speaks with guests about finding our authentic self within God’s calling for our lives and their stories are seriously inspiring. He tackles purpose, community, and what it means to be a follower of Christ in today’s world with people who are walking the walk. This isn’t just great for women either – My husband is hooked too!


For the Moms:

Risen Motherhood by Emily Jensen and Laura Wifler

risen motherhood

These two sister-in-laws chat with each other about all things motherhood and what it looks like to live a life that points your kids (and whoever you brush shoulders with) to Jesus. They celebrate differences in parenting styles which I appreciate and they’re all about celebrating each other as we’re learning to be the moms God created us to be.

A Mom’s Mission Field with Tiffany Castleburry

moms mission field

This is a good one! Full of vulnerable conversations about seeking after the Lord and finding an identity in our mission field (inside the home and outside!) Tiffany’s podcast really speaks to the hearts of moms and tackles the challenges and grit of women in all seasons.

God Centered Mom Podcast with Heather MacFadyen

god centered.jpg

Heather and her guests talk about all kinds of things in this podcast – even the tough stuff – and how it relates to us as women living a God centered life. There’s so much encouragement and call to action in this podcast for parenting with eternity in mind.

Cultivating the Lovely with MacKenzie Monroe

cultivating the lovely

This is another one just speaking right to my heart. Its really for the hearts of women in general (not just moms). It is Jesus focused and is one that always realigns me with the truth of who God is and who I am when I listen.


Raising Godly Families:

Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast

focus on the fam

Parenting podcasts are pretty new to me, but Focus on the Family is always a resource I know I can trust and I appreciate that. People who know what they’re talking about, seasoned parents and experts, share in these really short (which is so nice) episodes about tangible ways to raise kids who love Jesus.

Raising Arrows with Amy Roberts

raising arrows.jpg

Amy is someone I really enjoy listening to. She is honest about what God has taught her and how he has used her through her journey as a mother. My favorite thing about her is her creative approach to parenting. I’m tucking a lot of things she says away for later!

Moms in Prayer International


Moms In Prayer International is an amazing ministry brining together moms all over the world who are praying for the next generation. I highly recommend looking into them more. They have some great tools and resources on their website for prayer, outreach, and bible study. Their podcast is just one extension and it’s great!

Better Together Podcast – A Christian Marriage and Family Show with Micah and Rochelle

better together

Micah and Rochelle are a married couple who just sit down together in this podcast to share practical ways that they are leading their family to be Jesus followers and the biblical truths behind these goals. Again, newer to me, but I’ve been enjoying their simple and authentic conversations about what works for them.


Professional Development, Business & Balance:

Christy Wright’s Business Boutique Podcast

christy wright.jpg

Listening to Christy’s podcast seriously gets me fired up. She is part of the Ramsey Podcast Network and is an expert on building a brand, all things social media, and business savvy all founded in sound principles. I know I say these are all my favorites, but this is one of my favorite favorites! I feel like I’ve already learned a ton from her!

The Going Scared Podcast with Jessica Honegger

going scared.jpg

I found Jessica’s podcast because she was a guest interviewee on so many of my other favorites. She is the founder of the Noonday Collection (you can learn more about that here!) an author and a mom. I’m just super inspired by the vision in her heart and the business she’s created from it. She has a lot to share.

Goal Digger the Podcast with Jenna Kutcher


Ok Jenna’s joy is infectious and her podcast takes the cake. She is her own success story of pursuing a dream and speaks with other women who are doing the same thing. She’s like the professional “how to-er” of the social media generation and I eat up everything she creates!

Brilliant Business Moms Podcast with Beth Anne

brilliant business mom.jpg

The thing I really like about Beth Anne’s podcast that its all about chasing big dreams and goals as an individual AND being an amazing mom. She’s all about the balance and I love her encouragement that it’s possible to wear many hats gracefully.


Just a few more… 😉

I know I said I was only sharing my top 24, but it’s hard!

Babes and Babies by Liz, Carly, & Jade (of the Bachelor)


I’m just being honest! If I had a “Guilty Pleasures” category it would be full of all the bachelor podcasts. But really, I actually love what an open book these girls are about the experience of becoming a mom and what life looks like now. They laugh about the non-glamours aspects and I’ve just found them to be lighthearted and relatable in a way that I appreciate.

Disney Story Central Podcast


I saw this recommendation from another mom and I’m tucking it away for later. Maybe someday I’ll do a list of kid friendly podcast options, but for now – If you have kids older than mine, I hear they love it 😉


And of course between when I wrote this and now I found ANOTHER favorite!

Don’t Keep Your Day Job with Cathy Heller


This is good stuff! I really enjoy listening to the wisdom of entrepreneurs even though I don’t have a business. They’re innovators, they’re go-getters, and their tips can usually be applied to a whole lot more than just business. I always find a way to apply what she has to say.


Give any of these a listen and LOVE them? Let me know! Have any favorites I’ve gotta try that aren’t on my list? Send it my way!! 🙂

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