My Clutter Quick Fix

My son barely knows what toys are and I still feel like his stuff is all over our house. How does one tiny baby have so much stuff?! Cluttered spaces stress me out. It’s really hard for me to relax in a messy house. I think it’s important that our home is a place that encourages rest, but it’s difficult to be still or have fun when a cleaning list is hanging over our heads. To help combat the constant need for clean-up, I’ve been simplifying my decor (because less things = less mess and less work!) But some stuff is unavoidable. When I start to feel like things are getting too cluttered I start piles. Mail, clothes… that’s my bad habit go to in a messy space. I’m working on being more disciplined to put things away in the moment instead of letting clutter build up, but when we got pregnant I knew our home was only going to get more full of things which means more potential for clutter. I really didn’t want was to end up with baby gear and toys all over every surface in our home so I came up with a super simple solution – Baskets!

One of the BEST things I registered for before my baby shower was a few cute baskets. I have at least one basket/quick storage solution in almost every room of the house. {I’ve labeled where each was purchased on the pictures above.} Most of the baskets in our home are from Target which is conveniently one of the best/most common places for baby registries. The other places that always carry an amazing selection of baskets for really reasonable prices are TJmaxx and Marshalls.

The white rope basket and brown coffee table basket are still carried by Target:
White rope basket
Brown coffee table basket

The grey rope basket in the baby room is no longer carried by Target, but I’ve linked a few similar ones I like here:

This one is SO CUTE and only $19.99.

I’m a big fan of all the seagrass baskets out right now. Target has a bunch of different options like this one for only $24.49!

This is one of my favorites. Comes in a bunch of different colors and is also only $19.99. 

These are only three options out of a million, but I tend to like the fabric baskets best as I’m thinking about having a mobile baby on my hands here soon. At the end of the day or before company comes over, I can just make a quick sweep through the house and toss things into their respective baskets for fast and easy tidying. I’m really looking forward to this tool and will probably end up buying a few more as Finnley gets older and the toys multiply. I totally recommend giving the basket system a try. Lose the clutter and gain a few extra minutes each day!

Oh, and here’s one of my favorite uses for a basket 😉

fullsizeoutput_1ffb.jpegI’m a big fan of all these Seagrass baskets. Target has a bunch of different options. This one is $33.99.

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