How To Turn a Board Game into Farmhouse Decor

I went to a craft fair recently and saw the cutest idea to use old scrabble pieces to create a tiny sign-like decoration and thought, brilliant! I’ve actually seen multiple vendors with this idea at fairs and in stores. They usually charge something like 25 cents per letter and 2 dollars for the stand. So altogether you’ll likely spend 2 to 3 dollars. Not unreasonable at all. But as I was digging through the letters and attempting to decide on what word I wanted to select I realized that I could probably do this myself for a similar cost. And then I wouldn’t have to choose just one word. I headed to Goodwill and there were tons of scrabble games. Since I had options, I opened them up and chose the one with the look I liked best (some were older than others) and bought the whole game for $2.99!

I love how versatile this simple idea is. It can be changed depending on the season or occasion. I have one in our living room that I like to change up with the seasons or just when I feel like something different. There’s also one in my son’s room that we used at his baby shower. A game usually has 4 stands so you can use the same idea in more than one area in your home. I used it at our gender reveal party and also when we threw my sisters bridal shower last year. I seriously use it for every event and holiday!

Instead of spending 4 dollars for one decoration, I spent $3 for limitless decor! Probably the easiest and most inexpensive DIY I’ve ever done. It’s as quick as stopping by a thrift store! Grab a game of your own and get creative!

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